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By Dan Bowman
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The payment process plays a unique and sometimes challenging role for law firms in the immigration space. For instance, immigration law practitioners can often struggle to manage payment plans that span years due to the financial circumstances of their clients. Spending time manually tracking the status of these payments significantly hampers the ability to efficiently serve clients — but LollyLaw’s in-house payments solution is here to provide a much-needed upgrade for immigration attorneys.

Today, we are thrilled to introduce LollyPayments! Our fully native payments processing feature is now live and allows you to efficiently and compliantly accept and track payments directly in your LollyLaw account. Now with LollyLaw, you can offer a secure and convenient payment option to your clients, and easily keep track of all payment statuses in one place.

“Switching to LollyPayments was easy. It has better payment plan tracking, better conveniences for clients, and better rates compared to what we were using. Best of all, the support you get from the LollyLaw team is super attentive and responsive.”

Compliant Online Payments

LollyPayments is built completely natively within LollyLaw, so you save on the need for costly third-party processors. At no additional cost, your firm has access to the lowest processing rates in the industry with 2.8% across all credit card types and just 1% for ACH. Our built-in processor is 100% compliant with IOLTA, the ABA, and lawyers’ online payment rules in all 50 states, so you never have to worry if your payments are secure. 

Exclusive Features When You Activate LollyPayments

Starting today, LollyLaw customers will be able to gain access to LollyPayments, which boasts:

  • Fastest payment turnaround time in the industry with firms receiving funds 70% faster on average
  • Widest range of payment options in the industry including robust scheduled payment plans, payments via SMS, payments via QR Code and payment client portals that can be translated to 10+ languages
  • 100% compliant with IOLTA, the ABA and all 50 state bar guidelines for accepting online payments
  • Simple and transparent pricing with no added monthly membership fees
  • All-in-one payment features natively built within LollyLaw so firms won’t have to deal with multiple systems or third-party vendors

The feature also accounts for clients who may not have reliable access to technology. Your firm can easily input and track in-person payments and deposit funds to the appropriate trust account to remain compliant with your state bar rules. 

“My favorite feature is the payment plans. We can easily set up payment plans which means I don’t have to spend a ton of time chasing clients for payment, and can instead spend that time on their case.”

How do I get started? 

Activating LollyPayments is easy and can be completed in just a few steps. Simply navigate to the settings page of your LollyLaw account to begin the free application.

If you’re already using LollyLaw, you can schedule a demo to learn more about LollyPayments and the other features tailormade to support your immigration practice.

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Dan Bowman

Dan Bowman is the Product Marketing Manager at LollyLaw. He is responsible for understanding customers and reaching them through creative go-to-market campaigns. With a passion for storytelling, Dan enjoys bringing people together to learn about new and exciting product features that help them grow as people and professionals.

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