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LollyLaw helps law firms manage the family immigration process from start to finish. From seamless client intake and simplified document management, to stress-free form-filling and streamlined invoicing. LollyLaw is packed with all the features you need to easily navigate the many nuances that come with family immigration law.

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Customize Questionnaires

Simplify your client intake process with customized questionnaires that are specific to each case. LollyLaw automatically syncs intake responses with immigration forms, making the intake process quicker.

Modernize Form-Filling

LollyLaw simplifies the intake process by providing questionnaires and intake forms that are translatable in up to 20 languages. Attorneys and clients can digitally complete government immigration forms in real-time, eliminating the need for prolonged back-and-forth communication.

Offer Online Payments

With LollyLaw, family immigration law firms can offer a wide range of payment options including ACH, credit cards, and eChecks at industry-low transaction rates. Quickly batch send invoices in under 30 seconds with QuickBill.

Establish Client Trust

Build trust with your clients through precise project management through LollyLaw. Schedule reminders for important events, track progress of case milestones, and send messages through LollyLaw’s secure client portal.

The Benefits of LollyLaw’s Family Immigration-Specific Software

Increase Case Transparency

Family immigration cases often deal with many parties and keeping everyone up-to-date shouldn’t keep you up at night. With LollyLaw’s secure and translatable client portal, plus built-in text messaging, communication on case statuses is made easy.

Automate Daily Tasks

With the most comprehensive and customizable set of immigration-specific workflows to choose from in LollyLaw, your staff and clients will always know the next step in their case.

Reduce Human Errors

LollyLaw’s built-in form-filling feature provides the most convenient way for immigration attorneys and clients to collaborate on documents in real-time. LollyForms automatically populates information available in LollyLaw into relevant form fields.

All-in-One Intuitive Family Immigration Law Software

Family immigration can be a long and complex process, and keeping loved ones appraised of application status and timelines shouldn’t be an extra burden on attorneys. LollyLaw is the ultimate solution for family immigration law firms by seamlessly integrating into every aspect of your practice — from client intake to payment. LollyLaw empowers your law firm to efficiently practice family immigration law while keeping staff and clients on the exact same page.

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LollyLaw has all the Features of an Excellent Immigration Case Management Software!

“There are very few vendors who have great people who regularly follow up and want to know if the relationship is working and if we’re making money. LollyLaw does. LollyLaw has all the features of an excellent immigration lawyer software company and product, and the staff to respond promptly with expertise.”

Allan Lolly Managing Attorney Allan S. Lolly & Associates

Easy to Use Software and Fantastic Support Team

“LollyLaw has a fantastic support team. I was given an account manager, who was extremely responsive and very knowledgeable, not only with the software, but with immigration issues and how best to use the software for real-world legal application. The software is pretty direct and easy to use, but if I ever have issues I know from experience that my account manager will be available to walk me through each process.”

Attorney Russell Immigration Solutions, LLC

True definition of an all-in-one software for immigration lawyers!

“We love that LollyLaw is immigration-specific. It’s user-friendly, has a strong customization ability, and includes everything from immigration forms and client management to time tracking, reporting, billing, and more. The benefit is having an all-in-one platform—we no longer need four or five different systems to manage our practice.”

Attorney Moss Immigration Law

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