Change Log


  • Case Status Report: New report added

  • Enabled Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for all accounts

  • More Timing Options for SMS Event Notifications

  • Time Sheet Report Updated with New Filter (Bill Type)

  • Created a new column for “Processing Fee” on the OneLink page

  • Added filters in Billing>LollyPayments>OneLink page

  • Updates to LollyPayments Payment Receipts

  • Users can make edits to the “Received by” value in Payment Receipts

  • Make “Paid for” value editable in Payment Receipt

  • Added “Office” dropdown field to quick-bill form

  • Add column for “user” in report Contact Records

  • Updated dropdown field in “Assign Questionnaire” form to a combo-box search

  • Added contact sync step after form upgrade

  • Updated system to sort list of “Roles” alphabetically

  • Changed Report Download for “Expected Cash Flow from Monthly Payment Plans” so that all records in the report table are included.

  • Redesigned company contact views to include a matter page and staff page

  • Added new H-1B Questionnaires for registrants

  • Updated Contact Profile Employment Form Section “Outside the U.S.”

  • Changed Report Download for Invoice History so that all records in the report table are included

  • Updated I-485 Applicant Questionnaire

  • Added download to excel option to Cash Flow report

  • Added report download option to Parties Involved report

  • Added filter “Status” to Billing>LollyPayments>Transactions

  • Added option “Apply to Matter Trust” to OneLink Actions

  • Added column to LollyPayments>Onelink table for “Applied to:”

  • Fixed bank account filters for Reports “LollyPayments Batch Payout” and “LollyPayments Transaction Fee”

  • Fixed Event Time field not populating in SMS Notification for Consult

  • Fixed Bug found when a user edit’s their profile field “Submission Email”

  • Fixed “Address Lookup” feature so that “Postal Code” field is not populated with “Zip Code”

  • Fixed Bug Preventing Values in Required Documents List from Saving

  • Fixed Next Payment Date value in LollyPayments Table

  • Fixed Failed Payment Email Notifications


  • *NEW* LollyEmployer – modern, easy-to-use and powerful legal compliance tool for your corporate clients HR and hiring managers. Manage I-9 and E-Verify compliance with ease. Automates work requests that align to processes (i.e. H-1B, PERM, Family Petitions, etc). Syncs natively with LollyLaw.

  • Added option to allow multiple payment plans per invoice, if needed

  • Improved handling for cancelling specific transactions within a scheduled payment plan

  • Fix for removing cancelled/deleted payment plan still showing in “Pending” status

  • Haitian Creole language support added to Client Bridge

  • Backend optimizations


  • *NEW* Quick Bill option – from the main menu, users can now create an invoice from scratch and process payment via LollyPayments. Useful for high volume, transaction office operations.

  • Added to the Create Invoice view all the options needed to send bill to client, process payment, or schedule payment plan.

  • *NEW* Next Day Funding – firms may choose to have payments processed rapidly and deposited to their bank account as quickly as 24 hours.

  • *NEW* Batch Fees – firms may choose to have transactional fees from LollyPayments handled monthly

  • *NEW* Advanced Search – In addition to the “type to search” and “partial match” search feature for Contacts and Matters, Lolly now provides an option for “Exact full keyword match” search. Targeted search has been added for Activities, Tasks and Notes.

  • Added dedicated views with more details as an additional means to view the record. Useful for sending links to team members as well as following up on reminder links that come via email.

  • Added preconfigured report filter options (ex. “Show All In Past 90 days”, “Show All In Next 30 days”)

  • Added additional internationalization language options for the Client Bridge portal.

  • Additional UI updates and backend optimizations


  • *NEW* WorkFlow Assignments by Role – within a case type, there is now a way to default the role that should be assigned for each individual task

    • Set ‘role’ that should be assigned to a task when matter workflow is created

    • ‘case role’ default added to user profile

  • Added additional search options to QA reports; office and activityType

  • Updated TimeEntry form to automatically adjust end time if start time is edited. Default interval set to 60min.

  • Added full screen views for Reminder and Activities; used to display record data when routing from an email link

  • Optimizations to billing sections; Notes for individual charges are loaded in on demand

  • Backend updates


  • *NEW* QA Report Category

    • ‘Next Step Tracking’ – view matters and the next step

    • ‘Upcoming Event Tracking – view matters and the next scheduled event

    • ‘Interaction Tracking’ – view matters and the most recent client interaction

  • Optimized Billing Charges query – increased speed by 400%

  • Added option to manually mark an invoice as ‘closed’ and note reason

  • Updates and Optimizations to LollyPayments


  • *NEW* LollyPayments – Native Payment Plan Tracking and Processing

    • Process one time payments to Trust or Operating

    • Create payment plans to Trust or towards bills

    • Notifications (email and sms) to clients

  • *NEW* Web Speech – Speech to text for notes; English, Spanish and French supported

  • Added language support for:

    • Russian

    • Chinese (simplified)

    • Farsi

    • Hindi

    • Arabic

  • Added [Interaction Report]

  • Improvements to Sharepoint integration (cache link)

  • Updates to report export function

  • Updates reporting: query time entries by multiple users at a time

  • UI Updates


  • Added the following questionnaires to Client Bridge:

    • I-129F Petitioner

    • I-129F Beneficiary (Fiance)

    • O-1A Petitioner

    • O-1B Petitioner

    • I-140 Petitioner

  • User Management – Increased user count to 750 for query

  • Updates to Microsoft Outlook event sync method

  • Updates to user profile UI

  • Updates to new account wizard UI

  • Fixed issue affecting excel export of tasks without user assignment

  • Added print friendly option for consultation notes

  • BETA – web speech voice dictation for notes


  • Added option for Admin to manage username of staff

  • Updates to familiar relationship linking and syncing; refresh button option added to resync parental data

  • Update to Sharepoint link structure and inner folder detection

  • Added additional biometric fields to Contact Profile

  • Updates to account management tools

  • Fixes to Invoice Generation Method

  • Deprecated ‘Move Funds to Filing Fee Account’ method in favor of more ubiquitous ‘Move Funds’ method.


  • Added option to edit any existing SMS message templates under Settings

  • Added field under User Profile to specify new email to be used for form submission responses (defaults to user email)

  • Updated form sync logic to exclude “N/A” values entered into a form

  • Added handling for situations in LawPay where payment processing fails due to “insufficient funds”

  • Updated Client Bridge activation process to automatically auto-populate [username] and [email] for client

  • Added direct URL link to questionnaire into SMS notification to client (when SMS is enabled)

  • Updated the ‘copy’ button on phone number to also include the country code

  • Added “Akateko” to list of preferred languages for a contact

  • Updated the “new matter” email notification to also include the full title of the matter in addition to the Name/ID

  • Updated Microsoft Sharepoint integration to include additional meta data details on file size for file upload and quota tracking


  • Added O-1 Questionnaire and UI updates

  • Added account preference to require a [matter] be specified when adding funds to a trust account

  • Added performance optimization tracking (backend logging)

  • Enabled “mention” feature for notes within a Task Detail

  • LayPay integration updates; change payment method path, (backend in preparation for ACH)

  • Updates to Contact Mailer report output

  • ETO integration updates

  • UI Updates

  • Backend query optimizations


  • Added search filters to Payment Plan section for LawPay transactions specifically

  • Added additional user permissions under Security Groups to govern LawPay functionality

  • Added convenient single click ‘process payment via LawPay’ for consultations

  • Added wider support for multiple trust accounts; refund process looks to target trust account used

  • Added additional views for managing and tracking LawPay “payment plans” vs “transaction history”

  • Added option to search for ‘unassigned’ tasks and bulk update

  • Updates to ETO integration

  • Added tool to merge contact records

  • Added user preference for default ‘practice area’ view for Contact Profile data

  • Updated system to set event start time to round to nearest 15 min mark like other 3rd party calendars

  • UI Updates


  • Added report to search and view case receipts (USCIS)

  • Added option to send a Reminder to multiple people

  • Added option to send direct link URL to client to view and upload checklist of documents (Client Bridge)

  • Updated questionnaires that are sent to client via a direct link URL to prompt user to ‘Submit to Attorney’ when saved (Client Bridge)

  • Updated Contact Note card to display html notes in same way as it is viewed when in rich text editor

  • Updated UI view for Invoice Preview

  • Added field for tracking an ‘Internal Client ID’

  • Added LawPay actions to areas in software outside of Billing section for user convenience

  • Added option to use SMS template when configuring notification for an event

  • Added check on email for new user invite/sign up

  • Added option under Library-Case Types to hide case types that are not subscribed

  • Fixed issue where direct payments made on an invoice did not automatically update the cached balances figures on case

  • Backend updates


  • Add dynamic cloud storage viewer to Contact Documents area; move between related folders from same view

  • Updates to IRC Contact Profile Assessment

  • UI updates

  • Updates to ETO integration; G-28 appended to all application submissions

  • Added field ‘payment mode’ to direct payments on invoices

  • LawPay updates; issue refund; catch card process declined on LawPay side


  • Added option to send Client Bridge Questionnaire/Intake as a direct link to complete online without signing in to the portal

  • Updates to LawPay integration; refactor to add payment processing onto bills

  • Fixed issue where first SMS received appears twice on screen

  • ETO sync updates

  • Added “bundling” feature for creating application submissions and syncing with ETO


  • Removed html markup from notes that are exported via TimeSheet report

  • Changed Invoice ‘Date’ column field to print the ‘schedule date’ of the entry instead of the created timestamp of the entry

  • Fixed issue where last line of invoice ‘Outstanding Amount’ was not calculating on invoices with partial payments applied

  • Added handling for subscription notifications on failed credit cards

  • Updates to LawPay integration; deleting manual and automatic payment plans; search and filter by client;

  • Added option to hide ‘Done’ tasks

  • Fixed issue where direct payments were not appearing on Account Statement details

  • Added ‘Case Balance Comparison’ report’; show Contract Amount vs Trust Balance vs Outstanding Balance for all open matters

  • Added functionality to automatically include receipt numbers into matter search index; receipt numbers can be used for matter search

  • Added option to insert hyperlinks into rich text edit areas

  • Added option to sort ‘Upcoming Events’ under Matter Overview


  • Added report for “Funds Transfer Requests”

  • Added handling in ReForm for triggering embedded scripts on keystroke

  • Set order of Mail Log to show most recent entries at top

  • Set Google Calendar sync to get list of attendees from Google Calendar first, then update (keeps changes to attendees list made outside of Lolly)

  • Added Bulk Export option for Consultations

  • Updates to Lawpay Integration; SMS notifications, local time zone used for scheduling


  • Updated Box integration to include option to refresh or change the OAuth token for an account

  • Updated ReForm sync to Lolly to also trigger sync to ETO (if applicable)

  • UI Updates


  • Added deeper integration with calendar sync (Google and Outlook); Send calendar invites via Lolly; Set event color (Google only)

  • Added feature to generate and print Account Statements in bulk; selection by client or case; Multilanguage support

  • Updates to LawPay integration; UI updates and Instructions


  • Added LayPay integration (beta); manage subscription plans, generate bills, sync payments, send notifications (email/sms), reporting

  • Added feature to generate Account Statements in bulk; Server side function generates files, zips and downloads

  • Added feature to set ReForm addendum subject;

  • ETO integration updates: added sync for Consultations, added required fields, fixes to reports

  • Added option to customize ‘Referred By’ list


  • Added “Conflict Check” feature; indicate the existence of a conflict in a Contact relationship, the type and description. Added a “Conflict Check” report for searching by person’s name.

  • Added ‘Credits Transactions’ report to provide historical data on credits issued during the bill/invoice process.

  • Added option to apply to a credit to an existing invoice with functionality designed for closing out a case and reconciling remaining balance outstanding.

  • Changed API to set the ‘datetime last edit’ on files to use ‘datetime last modified’ from 3rd party cloud storage

  • Changed ‘Accounts Receivable’ and ‘AR Aging’ report to exclude invoices in ‘Draft’ status

  • Set certain fields in Activity Entry to ‘required’ if marked as an ‘Application Submission’ and ETO integration enabled

  • Added ‘Firm Operating Account’ as display option in [Transaction] tab

  • Increased Google Drive fetch limit to 300 on sync

  • Added message to [Documents] tab when maximum file count (300) reached on display

  • UI Updates


  • New Journal UI; streamlined view and standardized controls. Added HTML rendering for print jobs

  • Changed handling of Case Type workflow: tasks with a ‘days from start’ of 0 will not be given a due date automatically and instead remain blank until user sets date manually

  • Optimizations in ReForm: screen size detection, rendering inputs, positioning, and font adjustments

  • Added ‘Scroll To Top’ widget when viewing long pages of content

  • Added a ‘quick edit’ option to Matter Team Member Assignments area

  • Added option to edit activity [Title] after the entry has been billed

  • Updated system logic when closing a matter to check outstanding invoices in addition to case balances

  • Added a visual indicator to Expected Cash Flow Report next to individuals who are behind on monthly payment

  • Added ‘Created By’ field to Transaction Detail Report

  • Enabled bulk export option for Upcoming Events Report

  • Added UTC standardization for task time due date; Added [Time] field to task due date area with default to noon UTC.

  • Fixed issue that caused duration field to auto calculate in excess of a day when editing the start time of an activity

  • Replaced date picker in Task Widget with standard widget

  • Added logging to task due date changes

  • UI Updates


  • Fixed bug when changing due date in task table on matter

  • Fixed bug calculating Time & Expense badges

  • Increased upper limit of tasks shown in matter Task Board view to 400

  • Added visual indicators of repayment status on monthly payment plans

  • Updated task query to resolve noise pertaining to time zone for task due dates

  • Added option to view invoice details when running Invoice History report

  • Updated Billing Charges view to exclude calendar events set in the future

  • UI updates to ReForm: collapsible side menu, standardized font to match PDF, adding ‘combing’ input field type

  • Various report improvements: Added additional column sort options,

  • Optimizations to Client Bridge page loads


  • Added ETO integration

  • Added reports – Invoice Aging (30-60-90), Invoice History

  • Update report filters to include ‘Office’

  • Added advanced billing controls to Contact-Transactions and Matter-Billing views

  • UI updates to Settings->Integrations view

  • Fix to ‘select all’ checkbox in Schedule->Tasks


  • Added badges to show total [Debit] and [Credit] to case ledger reports

  • Updates to reporting; order by ‘paymentDate’ rather than ‘createdDate’

  • Backend optimizations


  • Backend optimizations

  • Changes to session handling


  • Updated core libraries and dependencies

  • Added sort ordering to search results for Matters and Reminders; added handling for matter search tag capitalization/lower case

  • Added type-to-search for matter in matter views

  • Added ‘User Caseload Assessment’ report to measure and compare assignments by team member


  • Added ‘Expense Category’ custom lists and tagging feature, report filter

  • Added support for international phone numbers (new UI widget)

  • Added filter by office to Invoices section

  • Added automatic check for addendum in ReForm on sync

  • Added report ‘Parties Involved’ to list details of Contacts on matters

  • Increased vertical space for rich text area of Time Entries and other activity records


  • Added administrative function for visa bulletin tracking

  • Fixed toggle button to switch task view between Table and Task Board

  • Fixed Triggered Tasks report to filter by ‘date triggered’ rather than ‘date due’


  • Added new preference option to user profile to set default view for tasks (i.e. taskboard or table)

  • Updates to reports: additional fields, additional column sorting, bulk export to excel service, query optimizations

  • Added ‘preferred language’ option to Client Bridge settings so that internationalization can be more automated for the client

  • Fixed issue where Client Bridge users were reflected in User counts under User Management

  • Added link to Dashboard to jump to Tasks view when clicking on Task chart titles

  • Fixed issue where final item in breadcrumb menu was not showing on screen

  • Updated look and layout of Journal Printout

  • Added ‘Memberships’ and ‘Employment History’ datasets to ReForm addendum feature

  • Added field to edit task due date directly in the task table (for matter workflow)

  • Fixed issue where Time Tracking report total only calculated time entries on a Matter (now shows all time entries)

  • Added contact ‘DOB’ field to asset tracking label


  • System will now automatically mark contact as ‘Is Client’ when person is marked as the primary applicant when opening a new matter

  • Added ‘Education History’ as selectable data set for Form Addendum copy/paste feature

  • ETO Integration

  • Changed ‘due date’ field in tasks table from label to date selector input box for faster updates

  • Adjustments to Asset Label print output

  • Adjusted Activity Entry form to show non-editable fields as disabled; added note for timer entries in edit mode

  • Added handling for when cancelling a change to task due date – revert value on screen to previous value without refreshing

  • Adjusted UI layout for 1024 monitors and smaller screens

  • UI Updates


  • Updated Contact Snapshot to display all phone numbers and their type

  • Updated address lookup (google map) to auto populate postal code


  • Added ‘reset password’ option under User Management

  • Added additional details to output of print journal

  • Added ‘billed date’ to excel export of Time & Expense table

  • UI updates


  • Added Form Addendum Features (beta)

  • Fix to Asset Requests query and table pager

  • Update to User query and User Management UI; added user count by status

  • Added Server Side Exporter (beta) with limit of 10,000 records. Implemented in Time Sheet report

  • Added filter by office for mail log

  • Show asset location in asset list table


  • Upgraded server pool

  • Added ‘Request Asset’ button to matter record for those with permission to create requests

  • Fixed filter by office for asset requests view

  • Backend query and index optimizations on db

  • Updates to importer tools


  • Added new field to track delivery status of an outgoing package (mail log)

  • Added option to adjust trust balances and filing fee balances directly without creating additional transactional logs (advanced controls)

  • Updates to Naturalization Report

  • Updated links for Required Documents (Client Bridge) to open in 3rd party storage rather than download (e.g. MS Onedrive, Sharepoint, Box, etc)

  • Added calculated field for ‘Amount Remaining on Contract’ which is contact amount less sum of payments (into trust).

  • Added masking for SSN fields

  • Added client interaction type of ‘video conference’ for tagging activities

  • Added visual indicator for tasks marked as ‘milestones’ when viewed in Taskboard mode

  • Enabled the setting of secondary status on a matter without having to also set the matter to ‘pending’

  • UI updates


  • Added option to adjust invoice outstanding balance directly on the invoice record (Advanced Billing Controls)

  • Added option to adjust date of transaction directly on the transaction; intended for adjusting records migrated from another system (Advanced Billing Controls)

  • Added visual indicator to tasks marked as ‘is milestone’ when in taskboard mode

  • Updated links on files uploaded to a Required Document item (from client) to open in cloud storage rather than download to local machine

  • Updated Schedule->Tasks link to matter to open in new tab rather than change current view; leaves task view open

  • Added filter by tasks status in Triggered Task report

  • Fixed issue where changing # record rows in table pager did not persist in cache if user navigated away from view and came back to time & expense table

  • UI Updates


  • Added ‘Timeline’ view under Schedule section; Allows for easier comparison of open availability among several staff members for appointment booking purposes

  • Added functionality under ‘Family Group’ to copy sets of data from one contact to another (ex. Spouse’s Address History).

  • Updates to H1B questionnaires and mappings

  • Backend updates related to API and custom database integrations

  • Added [payment method] field to Transaction Details report and excel

  • Added redirect links to all notifications referencing CB Questionnaire submissions (quick inspection of questionnaire responses)

  • UI updates


  • Added [datetext] field to replace [date] field. Allows for entry of date using datepicker for a ‘MM/DD/YYYY’ format OR entry of any text value (ex. “unknown”)

  • Replaced all existing [date] fields to [datetext] in both Lolly and ReForm

  • Conversion of all UTC dates to datetext ‘MM/DD/YYYY’ values

  • Updated indexing to detect values of ‘MM/DD/YYYY’ format and handle as date value rather than text

  • Removed check on date format of text values in ReForm so that all datetext values are synced back to Lolly

  • Added ‘All Day’ event option; enabled sync with Outlook Calendar and Google Calendar


  • Add ‘Relationship’ linking to Contacts; allow for basic familiar relationship to be linked to a new or existing contact record. Copy data from one contact to another (ex. link spouse to existing contact, have spouse information copy into Contact.currentSpouse fields)

  • Added option to copy a family member and their data into the household member list

  • Backend update to index multi-point attributes of a Contact (i.e. allow for search on multiple factors such as [country of birth], [gender], [age], [is LPR], [marital status], etc)

  • Updated report Contact Mailer to use multi-point search indexes

  • Added option to track [funding source] at both Contact and Matter level. Added customizable list of funding sources.

  • Increased the character limit of entry area from 150 to 500 for both direct SMS text messages and custom template messages; system will split message in accordance with telecom limits on characters.

  • Fixes to H1B – beneficiary questionnaire

  • Added backend report generation service


  • Fix to MS Outlook event sync when [Description] is empty

  • Set default calendar notification to ‘popup’

  • Updates to Invoice/Bill template

  • Added fields to Contact Mailer Data report [country of birth, alien number, date of last entry, etc]


  • Updated UI and system messages

  • Added ‘created by’ info to bottom of payment entry modal

  • Added automatic function to remove preceding/trailing spaces from contact names when creating folders in 3rd party web storage


  • Updates to Contact Profile – new fields added

  • Added default notification to calendar events when syncing to Outlook or Google Calendar

  • Fixed issue in Questionnaires affecting date format upon refresh

  • Allow note to be edited if ‘Amount’ is 0 (i.e. no billing) and is allowed

  • Added option to copy current employer to employment history

  • Updates to asset tracker multi-scan mode; take ownership of asset requests from queue view

  • Added tools for technical support

  • UI Updates


  • Fixed issue preventing DocAuto feature from uploading file to Dropbox

  • Added email notification to clients upon submission of questionnaire (email receipt)

  • Added fields {DOB, Alien Number, Last Entry Date} to Contact Mailer Report

  • Added ‘submitted date’ entry field to Matter Documents area for each form


  • Fixed bug affecting redirect on some notification types (i.e. mentions)

  • Set exclusion on [datetext] fields when using of “print N/A” option in ReForm


  • Maintenance on DropBox integration

  • Added report for forms tracking

  • Added sort ordering for Activity Types dropdowns

  • Backend updates for index and search on Matter Subjects

  • Updates to H1B-employee questionnaire

  • Updates to Asset Tracker – simplified request option on Matter, added multi-scan mode


  • Fixed issue affecting the display of non-matter related events on calendar

  • Added view/report to review and inspect historical notifications by user and date range

  • Added backend handling for all-day events and syncing

  • Backend changes to push-notifications handling

  • Fixes to webcam/scanner plugin for better stability and performance on iOS devices


  • Set custom activity types list to order alphabetically

  • Added ‘delete’ option to reminders showing in Contact-Snapshot

  • Changed notification center to display additional information such as notification type

  • Added in-app view to query and review past notifications

  • Add questionnaires for [H1B – Employee] and [H1B – Employer]

  • Set calendar default view to ‘Week’ rather than ‘Month’

  • Optimization of calendar when retrieving list of events from database

  • Fixed Contact Note to display rich text formatting

  • Added option to give description for clients when defining list of required documents

  • UI Updates


  • Fixed issue affecting users switching sessions across machines while session is expired and entering redirect loop


  • Added customizable matter disposition list to Account Configuration;

  • Added bulk update tool for asset tracker


  • Added password autogenerate when inviting client to Client Bridge portal

  • Added option to ‘notify team members on matter’ when logging mail regarding a case

  • Updated certain reports that display Matter records to open selected matter in new tab rather than update main view

  • backend updates to expand Contact search indexes

  • UI updates


  • Asset Tracker and Mail Tracker released; create QR tracking labels for physical files and other important assets; track check in/out of assets; track incoming/outgoing mail and tracking numbers

  • Updated calendar sync setup to present list of existing (Outlook/Google) calendars as dropdown list for user to select’ replaces calendar ID copy/paste method

  • Changes to Issue Refund process


  • Added support for Google Team Drive

  • Added support for Dropbox

  • Added view under Contact to display all [Time & Expense] entries related to that person

  • Added enterprise multi-site reporting capabilities and related permissions

  • Backend API update to retrieve ‘primary contact’ listed on Matter for purposes of automated SMS text messaging

  • Added check on document type when uploading template files to Document Automation

  • Backend updates and UI/UX changes for Asset Tracker release


  • Updated sort/order of transactions records

  • Backend updates to system email sender

  • Added support for Microsoft Sharepoint integration (document storage)

  • Added ability to customize payment mode types

  • Added search index for ‘office’ and applied to multiple report filters

  • Added author/datetime stamp to bottom of note entries when in edit view

  • Added means to track submission date of a form in ReForm

  • Added date and time fields to note entry for user to backdate occurrence (ex. phone call in the past)

  • Added logic to skip completed tasks when bulk select and shifting due dates

  • Added account preference to automatically generate bill when opening a new flat fee matter

  • Increased the number of record row options in Schedule->Time Sheet

  • Added ‘date from/to’ for contact current address

  • Updates to NIV Questionnaire

  • Added ‘Case Roster’ report to Starter plan

  • Fixed issue affecting retrieval of template files in Box integration

  • Fix to image thumbnails for client bridge backgrounds

  • Fixed issue in DocAuto affecting ‘eventdate’ and ‘eventdatetime’ placeholders

  • Fixed issue affecting display of custom backgrounds and elements on Client Bridge

  • Fixed issue where google address lookup would set ‘province’ value; if US, ‘province’ will be empty

  • UI Updates


  • Added ‘datetext’ field to ReForm; allow text in date field for specific instances

  • Fixed issue in DACA questionnaire – everRemvalProceeding field

  • Added ‘super user’ to Enterprise plan with multi-account management tools

  • Added ‘export to excel’ option to Schedule->Tasks view

  • Updates to ReForm administrative tools


  • Added option ‘Add Note’ to top level menu

  • Added option to trigger SMS text upon completion of a task; select SMS template from library

  • Fixed issue where copying an event also copied ‘createdDateTime’

  • Added ‘authored’ information to activity records (i.e. time entries, events, etc); view ‘createdby’ and ‘createdDateTime’ in edit view


  • SERVER UPGRADE – double memory, increase capacity; Service maintenance.

  • Backend changes


  • Added additional customization options for Client Bridge branding

  • Added filter by [bank account] to Transaction Details Report

  • UI updates


  • Enhancements to Box integration feature

  • UI Updates


  • Added additional email notification to client bridge registration to inform client of login information

  • Fix to document automation pulling word templates from OneDrive

  • Fix to Pending Cases report to display receipt notices

  • Added option in Transaction Detail report to filter by Bank Account

  • Added options to Account Settings to manage branding of Client Bridge

  • Fix for user submissions to the ‘required documents list’ that contain comma or are larger than 255 characters


  • Updates to reports

  • Updates to journal pagination and record overflow


  • Added Lolly Message SMS text messaging feature; send and receive SMS text communications from within Lolly to numbers in US/Canada; dashboard for SMS messages


  • Updates to questionnaire text and translations

  • Fixed issue preventing users from using ‘mention’ feature from timer widget

  • Added ‘jump to contact’ button and ‘jump to matter’ button links to Activity Entry form

  • Update journal author footnote to display user profile image rather than initials

  • Added ability to modify event [duration] value separately from [start time] and [end time]

  • Added check when entering a new contact to find possible duplicates based on ‘first name’ and ‘last name’. User presented with confirmation prompt to help prevent duplication of contact record

  • Updates to report ‘export to excel’ formats

  • Minor UI updates


  • Changed behavior of Gmail Add-on to not require search on contact before search on matter. Now, user can search either Contact OR Matter.

  • Fixed bug where user could not select a matter with an apostrophe (‘) in the name/id when using the email add-on

  • Added feature to delete and unravel an invoice

  • Added feature for account to brand the Client Bridge with their firm logo, name and other information

  • Added feature to check for duplicate contact (by first and last name) and prompt user to confirm

  • Added report ‘Contact Records’ to give user ability to search for contact details based on date range created

  • Added search option for ‘user assigned’. This compliments the search option for ‘created by user’.


  • Added permission to regulate file/folder delete from within Lolly

  • Fix to email notification link for ‘mention’

  • Add option to upload files when entering a note

  • Added field for editing ‘Matter Open Date’

  • Updated fine logging for ReForm sync data


  • Add option to upload files when entering a note

  • Updates to questionnaires


  • Added questionnaires:

    • ‘Naturalization (N-400)’

    • ‘Employment AOS – Principal Applicant’

  • Added French language support


  • Changed payment receipt to display the “mode” of payment

  • Updated time entry search to use ‘scheduled datetime’ rather than ‘created datetime’. Added search for ‘user assigned’

  • Backend optimizations


  • Added email notification to clients on assignment of new questionnaire in Client Bridge

  • Added re-entry permit list tracking in Contact Profile

  • Added new Questionnaire: Memberships and Affiliations

  • Updated system logic to automatically set first Party Involved on matter as ‘primary’

  • Changes to ‘Funds Added’ report

  • Added [Status] dropdown to form to support staging/tracking of form status in firm internal processes

  • Added new assessment alerts: Passport Expired, Passport Expiry, ‘Prior Violation/Refusal on entry’, ‘Travel Plans Outside of US”

  • Added option to download Account Statement as Word document (in addition to PDF option)

  • Updated menu breadcrumb when working in Questionnaire

  • Fix error when moving funds between client trusts


  • Added ‘mention’ feature to note areas. Use @ to callout other team members within the note. System will send user a notification.

  • Added several new questionnaires (English/Spanish) to Client Bridge library

  • Added option to print ‘Account Statement’ to Word format

  • Added feedback on number of values synced into a form

  • Added option to ‘duplicate’ certain records such as expenses

  • Added option to note areas to insert images and other formatting options

  • Added option to select source (trust) account when applying payment to an invoice. No longer locked to ‘Main Trust’ account.

  • Added to Client Bridge homepage a notice for Required Files needed from client

  • Updates to Transaction Detail Report (additional fields and export formatting)

  • Fixed issue affecting the application of funds to certain invoice records

  • Fixed issue affecting the option to delete a contact and matter record

  • Changes to backend for logging, payment processing, and billing

  • Updated ReForm code base to Angular 9

  • General UI updates


  • Added feature to link matters

  • Added feature to duplicate records (i.e. duplicate expense, time, etc)

  • Added feature to push form updates to all account case types

  • Fixed issue preventing delete of a receipt notice record

  • General UI updates


  • Added Document Automation wizard to Contact->Documents and Matter->Documents areas; Enabled direct save to 3rd party storage

  • Added I-485 questionnaire

  • Added Cashflow (Monthly Payment) Report

  • Added ‘Detention History’ section to Contact Profile

  • Added permission to ‘Approve Invoice’

  • Added additional logging to Matter changes

  • Fix to breadcrumb link not being clickable

  • Removed ‘Search For Contact’ fields from client facing questionnaire

  • Fix to ‘Attorney’ label in Team Member list of a matter

  • Fix to display Google Doc files and hyperlink

  • Change to bulk invoice processing – system will skip matters where funds are $0

  • General UI updates


  • Added Matter Account Statement printout; removed ‘credits’ from appearing under payment history

  • Fix issue where certain Contact records were not updating in search index

  • Added new questionnaires: I-130 Petitioner, I-130 Beneficiary

  • Set default form access for client bridge to ‘Fill Access’

  • Added feature option to make matter selection required for a time entry

  • Added Groove Support Widget

  • Changes to Time Sheet Report export; changes to Transaction Details Report export; changes to Accounts Receivable Report

  • General UI updates


  • Added additional logic for more ‘Assessment Alerts’

  • Added feature to define lists of required documents for clients

  • Added I-130 Petitioner questionnaire

  • Update to BAA terms

  • Upgraded to Angular 9.1

  • General UI updates


  • Added feature for Account Specific Forms to be created in ReForm

  • Added ‘note’ to Time & Expense table export to excel

  • Changed ‘Date’ in Time & Expense table to show date scheduled instead of date created

  • Fixed issue where name of organization not displaying in search dropdown

  • Fixed issue where admin could not updated a user’s profile image on their behalf

  • Added additional logging on Client Bridge

  • General UI updates


  • i18n – Internationalization / multi-lingual support – SPANISH – added to Client Bridge and all questionnaires

  • added feature to define default list of documents needed for a process; can be applied to client bridge list of documents needed from client

  • change ‘datetime’ field under Time & Expense to show ‘scheduled datetime’ and put ‘created datetime’ in tooltip

  • changed ‘type’ column in Transactions to show payment method rather than payment type

  • added user profile image to Manage Users area

  • set default filter on contact’s matters list to ‘Open’ instead of ‘All’

  • fixed issue where incremental time (ex. 90min) was not showing on Week/Day view of calendar


  • Fix issue where trigger charge not copied into a new matter from case type

  • Fix issue where search tags for case type were case sensitive

  • Remove email notification for invoice creation

  • Added safeguard to prevent user from changing name of subject on form and sync edited name back to contact profile

  • Updates to enable Outlook Add-on Integration

  • Add feature to create lists of required documents for client bridge

  • Changes to Transaction Detail report

  • Added Cash Flow report

  • Added option to filter matters on Contact Snapshot

  • Added additional logging for transactions

  • Added script to wrap text in journal notes

  • Added switch element to UI

  • Improved handling of attachments for email add-ons

  • Added tooltip to Timer entries in widget to list Clients and/or Matters the timer is regarding


  • Added feature for custom pdf/forms per account

  • Added feature to “upgrade” a form to a new edition and copy over data from old form to new form

  • Added option to delete a matter; include system check to prevent accidental delete of matter with existing data and related records


  • Fix to certain checkboxes not printing value to pdf on export


  • Updated status label for partially paid invoices; removed watermark on partially paid invoices

  • Set Schedule->Time Tracking to filter records by current user on initial load

  • Set max width of viewport in Billing Charges view to remove horizontal scroll

  • Added controls to toggle view options on Events and Reminders card on Matter Overview


  • added multi-select filter by task status

  • added convenient ‘set parameters – show past due’ for Task search under Schedule->Tasks

  • UIUX changes to Document Automation view (i.e. help wizard)

  • added ability to bulk update tasks’ due dates forward a number of days defined by user

  • added ability for user to set billable rate to $0 during setup

  • Introduced enhanced pdf print handling for XFA pdf types

  • added dynamic font size in ReForm that steps with zoom level of form

  • change to ReForm sync to Lolly – avoid sync for null/empty values

  • General UI updates – instructions, journal


  • changed format/display of emails that are shown in Journal view

  • changes to Journal entry layout

  • added ability in Contact Journal to specify the specific matter the note is regarding, if applicable

  • changed user registration flow to require email authentication

  • added author profile image/name to journal note footer


  • fixed issue preventing delete of a Contact record when the record previously had attached data

  • fixed issue at login caused by inactive user with same email as active user in an account


  • added feature and related functionality for Account Specific Forms **custom forms in ReForm**

  • added ‘Paid’ watermark to paid invoices

  • fix issue affecting pdf generation and download of certain invoices

  • fix issue where same user receiving notification when Matter Assignees changed

  • added ‘preferred language’ to display on Contact Snapshot

  • fix permission affecting access to Invoice/Receivables report

  • adjustments to filter/query of Invoice/Receivables report

  • removed permission regulating access to ‘read’ other team members calendar events – teams can view each others calendars without restrictions

  • general UI updates


  • change to implementation of new user sign up – email verification

  • added report ‘Accounts Receivable’

  • fix to show Organization/Company name in recent search history

  • added task status with tooltip to Contact Snapshot view

  • added ‘refresh and clear’ button to notification widget

  • fix to Document Automation form -> matter field changed from search to dropdown field

  • added button to Document Automation wizard to ‘clear’ values from form

  • fix to issue to remove deleted time entries from the Timer Widget

  • fixed email/phone to save to Contact profile when new Contact is added via Matter Entry form

  • added status icon to Upcoming Reminders list on Matter Overview page; added sort by date

  • changed alerts from ‘dismissable’ to auto-hide

  • hide ‘suspended’ users from User Management list by default

  • updated report Activity Note to show {duration} and {full timestamp}

  • improvements to data migration toolset

  • other improvements


  • updates to report queries; order ascending (ex. Task.{dueDate})

  • updates to Time Sheet report

  • added [search by user assigned] option for reports

  • added user icon with initials, color schemes to Recent Matters and Matter Overview pages

  • added status icon for Reminders in Contact Snapshot and Matter Overview pages

  • updated formatting of journal notes

  • added [Bulk Reassign] feature to reassign Matters and Tasks between users

  • improved search query for Tasks to use local time zones when filtering by dates


  • added bulk approval and invoice generation feature for charges

  • added [Task Widget] to manage tasks on daily basis from header

  • added redirect action when clicking on ‘Questionnaire submitted’ notification

  • added additional fine logging

  • updates to Invoicing; layout

  • added ‘add task’ shortcut button in Contact Snapshot

  • added ‘regarding’ field to the Reminders card on dashboard


  • added search/filter to billing charges page

  • fix to annual subscription billing

  • UI updates and general improvements


  • Dark mode theme updates

  • fix to UI for responsive screen sizes

  • fix to remove ‘&nbsp’ text from note fields in reports

  • General UI updates and improvements


  • fixes to Company/Organization handling vis a vis Contact type of Person;

  • Added option to apply discount in invoice

  • API updates

  • General UI updates and improvements


  • ReForm updates; re-sync contact data option

  • General UI updates and improvements


  • reorder report list

  • sort upcoming events on matter over view

  • fix to user permission – activity edit check

  • fix to calendar view navigation

  • fix to payment receipt print job

  • refresh journal view on note save

  • increased table pagination limit and export

  • system log management rules

  • ReForm – fix phone number format in split fields

  • ReForm – added radiogroup handling

  • ReForm – permission check on forms

  • general UI updates


  • sort upcoming events on matter over view

  • increased duration for session token

  • add handling for special characters (ex. &) in ReForm inputs

  • modification to invoice templates

  • added team members to display to Recent Matters list

  • added handling to adjust font size on zoom in/out in ReForm

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