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By Rene Cheng
in Customer Spotlight

In this LollyLaw customer spotlight, we interviewed Alycia Moss from Moss Immigration Law PC, who shared with us how implementing LollyLaw allowed her firm to transform the way they manage their operations. 

Founded in 2018, Moss Immigration Law PC assists its clients with a variety of immigration matters, including family, employment, and humanitarian immigration law matters. Moss Immigration Law PC implemented a modernized approach to better serve its clients through the use of LollyLaw’s immigration-specific workflows and online billing system. The incorporation of LollyLaw’s platform allowed Moss Immigration Law PC to offer a higher level of service to their clients, setting them apart from other immigration law firms. 

Moss Immigration Law PC’s founder, Alycia Moss, has been practicing law since 2005, serving clients throughout the United States and globally. Moss is also an active member of the Idaho Volunteer Lawyer’s Program where she offers pro bono legal services for immigration clients. Moss recently won a very hard-fought Cancellation of Removal case in Seattle Immigration Court as well as an EB-1 (Employment Based) self-petition permanent resident petition that had a significant Request for Evidence (RFE).

Let’s explore how Moss Immigration Law PC is able to better serve their clients with LollyLaw’s immigration-specific features. 

How did you get started in immigration law?

Moss: Initially, I was pursuing international human rights law, but my friend and colleague convinced me to switch to immigration law and work for her. I immediately loved it because it’s a human-centered practice. I started my firm in 2018 and currently have five employees with offices in Spokane, Washington and Coeur d’Alene, and Driggs, Idaho. At Moss Immigration Law PC, we offer services surrounding immigration, such as family and work visas, citizenship and naturalization, deportation and removal defense, and more. We are determined to help clients navigate through the complex immigration system for the best results possible.

What drew your firm to use LollyLaw?

Moss: I used LawLogix before, but I quickly realized it wasn’t the best software for my firm as it is not very user-friendly and doesn’t provide many immigration-specific features. Whereas LollyLaw is much more user-friendly and has amazing customer service that is personalized to us. Our customer service representatives are always able to clarify any questions that we may have when using LollyLaw.  

Before using LollyLaw, one of the issues my firm had was a lack of data and reporting. LollyLaw provides detailed reports that allow us to review and analyze the data to make actionable decisions for our firm, clients, and even our staff. I’m able to pinpoint bottlenecks with these reports and allocate appropriate resources when necessary. 

We customized LollyLaw’s pre-built immigration workflows to load standard tasks that we do for each case, so we don’t lose track of specific steps. These workflow templates helped the team tremendously, as we didn’t need to “recreate the wheel.” Regardless of the case type we’re working on, it’s nice to have a template to begin any immigration case without the need to restructure the entire process every single time for each client. It’s all done automatically with LollyLaw, so it allows us to provide the best possible service for our clients by staying on track with targeted timelines and milestones throughout the entire case.

How have your billing and invoicing operations changed?

Moss: I love how LollyLaw allows us to see where we are at in terms of collecting fees, billing for fees, and sending out invoices within the case matter rather than separately. It’s incredibly easy for me to process and accept online payments with LollyPayments. 

Are there any recent trends you see that you find LollyLaw may be able to support? 

Moss: In terms of trends, I have been seeing more erroneous rejections out of the USCIS Lockboxes. But I am glad that LollyLaw notifies you when USCIS forms are sunsetting or expired so you can be confident that you’re using the most up-to-date forms before sending them in. 

If you’re ready to transform your immigration law practice like Moss Immigration Law PC, schedule a customized demo to learn more about LollyLaw’s immigration-specific features. 

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