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By Dan Bowman
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As an immigration attorney, you’re expected to manage client intake effectively, track all details related to your caseload, and accurately complete required documentation, all while never missing a deadline. Dropping the ball in any of these areas could make a difference in a successful immigration case. 

Over the last couple of years, many immigration lawyers have turned towards using automated workflows to help streamline their process steps. However, using a generic legal practice management workflow that does not consist of immigration-specific milestones and tasks, such as attending USCIS interviews with clients or verifying the accuracy of the issued LPR Cards, can potentially lead to the mismanagement of a case. 

At LollyLaw, we recognize the importance and have seen firsthand, the desire firms have for immigration-specific workflows. That’s why we’re proud to announce that we offer the most robust, comprehensive, and customizable set of immigration-specific workflows with over 40 to pick from in LollyLaw. You can rest assured that each case type will have the relevant process steps included to complete an immigration case in the most efficient manner.

Every workflow syncs immigration forms to their respective case types and includes customizable milestones and tasks. For example, if you’re helping your client apply for permanent resident status in the U.S., LollyLaw’s “Adjustment of Status” workflow comes equipped with forms like I-130 and G-28 to make it easy for clients to populate their information in a timely fashion and move on to the next step. 

Use Immigration-Specific Workflows To Automate Your Immigration Practice 

At its core, a workflow is a case template that includes tasks, deadlines, milestones, and forms to help you manage an immigration case from start to finish. With LollyLaw’s 40+ immigration-specific workflows, law firms can handle any immigration case that comes through their door. LollyLaw is built by immigration field experts and has down-to-the-detail workflows you won’t be able to find in other practice management platforms. From Adjustment of Status workflows to UVisa Certification and everything in between, you won’t find a larger library of immigration case types in any other legal practice management software.

This complete library of immigration case types lets you search and subscribe to your most used workflows. Once subscribed, your saved case types will be readily available whenever you need them. LollyLaw will instantly map your cases, tasks, deadlines, milestones, and any necessary forms which that specific case requires. Want to do things a little differently? The process steps in LollyLaw’s workflows are infinitely customizable — they’ll work exactly how you do.

Customize Workflows to Meet Your Specific Needs 

LollyLaw provides the building blocks to handle any immigration case, whether you’re assisting overseas talent or reuniting families. Rather than putting your work on a conveyor belt that only allows you to manage cases the same way repeatedly, LollyLaw gives you the freedom to manage your immigration practice however you need while ensuring you have the right steps in place to get your case across the finish line. 

LollyLaw takes into consideration that all law firms operate differently. Within each case type, you will have the ability to customize the workflow based on your liking by adding process steps, re-ordering timelines, assigning different owners, renaming tasks, and adjusting completion dates. For increased clarity, you can include comments for your staff for any special notes. 

LollyLaw also pushes all new amendments to immigration forms to each subscribed workflow. You can rest assured that you will be using the most up-to-date forms within your tasks, milestones, and cases.

How Will LollyLaw’s Immigration-Specific Workflows Help Your Firm?

For attorneys, LollyLaw’s immigration-specific workflows can help save time on routine tasks and help bring focus to the activities that matter the most. Our robust and comprehensive workflows help boost staff productivity by presetting automated triggers to assign tasks.

As for clients, there are multiple benefits clients can gain from LollyLaw’s workflows. It gives clients the opportunity to stay updated with their immigration process, making the immigration process more transparent. Instead of notifying clients of case updates by manually sending an email, the preset workflows will automatically send an email to your client once set up. And best of all, it ensures your clients are involved with their cases, instead of waiting blindly for any case updates. 

Streamline Your Immigration Practice With Workflows & Get More Done In Less Time 

LollyLaw’s 40+ immigration-specific workflows are designed by immigration field experts with convenience in mind. Our customizable process steps help immigration attorneys to process correct information while greatly reducing the risks of immigration cases failing, so you can file with confidence. LollyLaw gives you the flexibility to manage your immigration practice however you need while making sure you have the right resources to get your client to cross the finish line.  

If you’re interested in learning more about LollyLaw’s immigration-specific workflows, as well as the other intuitive and easy-to-use features, start your free trial and see it for yourself! If you’d like to see a customized walkthrough of LollyLaw, get a demo today.

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